Services offered

Using the latest digital techniques I can repair and restore your photographs.

Services include:
• Colorization of B&W photos
• Repair of torn or creased photos
• Restoration of faded photos
• People & objects removed or added
• Background changed
• Removal of dirt, stains or scratches
• Retouching portraits
• Color correction

All work is done on a digital scan of the image, ensuring that your original is safely returned to you. The scanning charge is $5 for images 8.5”x11” or smaller. Because each photo is unique price quotes can only be given after seeing the damaged photo. Prices are determined by the amount of time the repair or retouching will take. The standard rate is $80 per hour with a 15 minute minimum charge. I can reprint your finished image in whatever size you would like. I use West Photo for photo quality printing of all images. Some of the standard sizes and prices are:
4”x6” – $0.49
5”x7” –  $3.00
8”x10”/8”x12” –  $5.99
11”x14”/11”x17” –  $10.00



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Photo restoration and retouching